The LSM Marketing Program helps you increase
awareness, leads and sales ... without spending a fortune.

Every business needs to attract new customers and keep existing customers happy. But many small business owners don’t have the time or the budget to market their business effectively. The LSM Program helps busy owners with a solution that includes website design, hosting, advertising and informative content.



Most of your prospects and customers are online ...
Are you reaching and engaging them effectively?


Statistics show that the majority of people are first going online to find information about companies, products and services. This makes online marketing an important strategy for even the smallest local businesses. It helps you to attract more viewers, convert them into prospects and make more sales. The LSM Program’s attractive pricing and modular approach delivers a solution that’s custom-tailored to fit your budget, needs and target market.

Already have a website? Many small businesses simply put up a website and then leave it. These sites often look dated and are not mobile-friendly. Search rankings suffer due to lack of new content. The result is a missed opportunity to highlight company benefits, strengthen your brand image and engage with viewers who are interested in your business. Contact us and we'll show you how the LSM Program can improve your results.


Here's how the LSM Program works ...



1. Website Setup

You'll get a clean, professional design that makes a strong first impression. All websites are mobile-ready and hosted on super-fast servers. If you need help, our support team will promptly handle your request.

2. Create Ads and Content

The LSM Program offers 6, 12 and 20 content packages consisting of ads, sales promotions and informative content. A "DIY" version is also available. Lead magnets are used to build your email and text lists.

3. Post to Website

Constantly posting fresh ads and articles with targeted keywords keeps your site interesting and helps you rank higher in search results. Higher search rankings increase exposure and drive more traffic to your site.

4. Automatic Distribution

The LSM Program automatically sends out an email, mobile text message and social media posts each time you post a new ad or content on your website. This is a low cost, high response way to reach your audience.


To accomplish these goals ...


Attract more viewers with a steady stream of ads, promotions and other content. This fresh content will help improve your local search rankings. Use your ads as well as “lead magnets” like a free consultation, quote or ebook to build your text and mailing lists.

The lifeblood of any business is sales. Sales promotions and special offers create a sense of urgency to buy now, before they expire. They differentiate your business from the competitors by offering a better value proposition or a lower cost.

Building relationships is important because people buy from people they know and trust. Our program keeps you in touch with prospects and customers with email, text messages and social media. So when people are ready to buy, they think of you.
Program Features ...



LoSoMo Focus -- The LSM Program combines local, social and mobile strategies to reach and stay in touch with the maximum number of interested people. 



Totally Flexible -- The program is custom-tailored to fit your your marketing goals and budget. You decide on the scheduling of your ads, sales promotions, events and helpful content to keep your brand in front of prospects and customers.


Complete Package -- Everything you need for an effective web marketing program is included -- website, hosting, email, text messaging and social media.



Do-It-Yourself -- The LSM "Do-It-Yourself" version allows you to create and maintain your web marketing program in-house. Create your own ads using free Gimp software and post them to your website. No more paying for outside help.


Automated Operation -- Ads and other content posted to your website are automatically distributed to your email list, mobile text list and social media sites.



Keep Up To Date -- Our news updates keep you informed of the latest web marketing, social media and technical developments. All from a "little time - limited budget" perspective.


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Frequently Asked Questions


Is the program flexible? Will it work for my business?

The website and LSM Program we develop for your business is custom-tailored to fit your budget, needs and target market. We have tailored our program to fit a wide range of small businesses -- including plumbers, law firms, hair salons and restaurants to name a few.

What are the main features of the LSM Program?

Website – All website designs feature responsive layouts which format the site properly on mobile phones and tablets. There are three different website options, with the Deluxe option including social media setup and automatic content posting to your social media sites, email list and text list. Websites are hosted on servers with solid state SSD drives for fast page loading.

Email – You can send 12,000 emails a month to a list of up to 2,000 subscribers with MailChimp’s Forever Free plan. A full-featured MailChimp or Aweber account costs around $20 per month and is necessary if you need higher volumes or an autoresponder.

Text Messaging – No limits on quantities. You need the persons mobile number, area code and carrier. You can input this information on your website homepage.

Social Media – All blog posts consisting of ads and informative content are posted to your Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+ accounts.

LSM Content Packages – Content packages are available in 6, 12 and 20 insertions. An insertion can be an ad, sales promotion, news item or informative content. You have complete flexibility regarding the type and scheduling of the insertion. Informative content consists of curated articles that you (or we) select and include a photo.  The strategy behind content curation is to search the web for the best content on a particular subject and present it to your audience. For more information on content curation, see this blog article.

How much of my time is involved? What activities?

The main activity with the LSM Program is to simply ask prospects and customers to join your email and text messaging lists. You can quickly add the new names from forms on your homepage.

Regarding your website, you can easily make changes or update your website with content, ads and blog posts in a few minutes. No special skills or technical knowledge required.

I already have a website and social media. Can this still help?

Yes. The LSM Program can help you attract more traffic, increase leads and stimulate immediate sales.
Many small businesses simply put up a website and/or social media sites and then let them sit. The LSM program with the available 6, 12 or 20 content packages keeps your sites fresh with new promotional ads and informative content. This content is posted to your website and then automatically distributed to your social media sites, email list and mobile text list. This helps your search engine rankings and allows viewers to access your content in the medium of their choice. Call us toll-free at 1-844-640-5859 to discuss your situation and how we can help you get better results from your online marketing program.

How do I build my email and text messaging lists? Why is this important?

Your email and text messaging lists are valuable, long-term marketing assets. Why? Because they are a low cost, high response way to directly contact prospects and customers with special offers, discounts and informative content – forever. The objective is to keep in touch and build relationships with people so when they’re ready to buy, they think of you.

A recent consumer survey showed that 77% of customers prefer to receive permission-based promotions via email, with only 6% of customers preferring social media.

Does the LSM Program work with my offlline advertising?

Note: Offline advertising refers to your print ads, direct mail, flyers, radio and tv ads.

Absolutely. In fact, we encourage businesses to guide people to their websites with their offline promotions. For example, rather than just advertising a sale, you can advertise a discount coupon that is available on your website. The viewer signs up to your list to get the download link to the coupon. This approach gets people visiting your website, increases exposure to your brand and builds your email and text messaging lists.

Are there any additional costs? What about enhancing my program?

There are no additional costs with the LSM Program. There are several ways to enhance your marketing program including:

Lead Magnets – A lead magnet is something of value that is offered in exchange for personal information, usually an email address or phone number. Lead magnets don’t have to be expensive, but they must be something your target audience will find useful and valuable. Examples of popular lead magnets include discount coupons, special offers, ebooks, free consultations, checklists, “how to” sheets and infographics. Every small business should have a least one lead magnet for building their lists.

Popups, Floating Bars, etc. – These are commonly used to build your email list and feature some type of lead magnet. Some include a signup form while others link to a landing page with the signup form.

Landing Pages – A landing page is a single web page that appears as a result of clicking on a search engine result, advertisement, social media or email link. The objective of a landing page is to convert visitors into leads or online sales and they usually include a “clickable” call to action.

Videos –  Videos are proven medium to increase customer engagement and improve search engine rankings. Small businesses can use videos for product or service demos, company overviews and customer testimonials.

Pay Per Click Ads – PPC ads can be targeted to your local area and/or specific search phrases. For the best results, you need a compelling offer that will drive traffic to your landing pages or online store.

Ad Retargetting – Facebook ads can be shown only to people who have shown interest in your company by visiting your website. Here is a detailed “how to” article: Target your Website Visitors with Facebook Ads. We can set up ad retargetting campaigns for you.

Participate in Social Media – Look for opportunities to share helpful information, provide an answers to questions, or suggest a solution to a problem. Social media participation increases your brand exposure and builds your reputation as a trustworthy expert. You can also join special interest groups in Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+.

Do you offer a yearly planning service?

Yes. For purchasers of LSM 6, 12 or 20 Packages the cost is $60. In the planning meeting we discuss the scheduling and combination of ads, sales promotions, event promotions, news items and informative content for your business.

What's included in the DIY version? Can I create my own ads and content?

The DIY version features yearly access to the LSM Guidebook, tutorials and file downloads. Files include website themes, plugins, advertisements and coupons, social media covers and a complete graphics library. Visit this page for detailed information.

You can create your own ads and content. These tutorials will get you started:

Tutorial: How to create a free ad using Gimp

Tutorial: Post an ad as a blog article


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