Ad Retargeting for Small Business



Ever visit a website and then noticed when you browse other sites you see ads representing the original site? You’re seeing these ads due to ad retargeting, where ads are served to you based on prior engagement.

What makes retargeting so powerful? It keeps your company in front of prior visitors and gives you another opportunity to engage them – usually with a clickable call to action to a sales page or lead magnet (mail list signup) page.

Retargeting works by including a small amount of code called a cookie or pixel on your website. This code lets the retargeter like Google or Facebook know when a prior visitor to your website visits another website or logs on to Facebook. Based on the parameters you specify, an ad is then served to the viewer.

Here are some articles that explain the details of ad retargeting:

A Brief Introduction to Retargeting – This article gives a good overview of ad retargeting.

[New Formula] WCA + YC = Cheap, High-Converting Traffic from Facebook – This in-depth article from Digital Marketer provides how-to steps for setting up a Website Custom Audience and linking it to specific pages a viewer has visited. You can refine who sees your ad in Facebook by specifying location, age, gender, interests, etc. in Facebook’s Ad Creator or Power Editor.


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