LSM Program – Overview and Features

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The LSM Marketing Program is specifically designed for
small business owners with limited budgets and little time.



  • Includes website, email, mobile text messaging and social media
  • Local, social and mobile marketing strategies
  • Ad and content packages available for 6, 12 and 20 posts
  • Custom-tailored to fit your needs, budget and audience



  • Stimulate immediate sales
  • Increase traffic and leads
  • Build relationships


  • Offer sales discounts and other promotions
  • Provide useful, informative content
  • Automatic distribution of ads and content to email list, text message list and social media
  • Improve your search rankings (SEO)
  • Build your email list and mobile phone (text) list
  • Build your social media fans and connections
  • Target local and mobile viewers
  • Tie-in with offline advertising
  • Ask customers for referrals and testimonials

LSM “Do-It-Yourself” Version



  • WordPress themes (mobile-friendly)
  • WordPress plugins
  • Ad templates (Photoshop and Gimp)
  • Email templates (mobile-friendly)
  • Social media templates
  • Graphics library
  • LSM D-I-Y Guidebook
  • LSM tutorials (video and pdf) show you exactly what to do


  • WordPress — Content management system
  • MailChimp – Email list and delivery
  • Gimp – Image editing software
  • Social Media – Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter, etc.



  • Spend as little as 30 minutes bi-weekly.
  • Create ads — Create ads using free Gimp software or Photoshop and the LSM ad templates.
  • Create informative content – Write, hire a writer or curate helpful articles to inform and educate your viewers. Consider creating videos, slideshows, infographics or webcasts.
  • Post to website — Posting your ads and articles to your website takes a few minutes.
  • Automated content distribution — Every article you post to your website is automatically distributed to your email list, text list and social media sites.
  • Plan your yearly program – We suggest a program with 12 to 24 or more contacts a year, consisting of sales promotional ads, event promotions and informative content. This can be adjusted for seasonal businesses.
  • Focus on constantly building your email and mobile text lists. The payoff of this strategy is that it keeps you in touch with interested prospects and customers – forever – at a very low cost.