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Content curation is a quick and easy way to add content to your website. It’s particularly useful for small business owners that don’t have the time or skillset to continually write articles for their website.

What is it — Curating content involves sharing relevant, helpful articles with your audience. The process involves adding some commentary or context to the article(s). It is NOT plagiarizing the original creator – in fact, a link should always be provided back to the original article.

Curation benefits — Having a steady supply of fresh content on your website helps with your search rankings and establishes you and your company as a “go to” authority in your field. Gaining acceptance as a recognized expert with local editors and writers can help you get free local media exposure and publicity.
(LSM Members — Curated content keeps you in touch with prospects and customers by automatically replicating these blog articles to your email list and social media sites.)

What topics should I curate?  — Here’s a tip: Think of the most common questions you get asked by prospects and customers and curate content that provides the answers.

Finding articles — The approach outlined in the source article uses the free online tool Feedly to find content. You use Feedly’s search function to find topics. It returns a list of websites and blogs that have content. From this list, decide which sites you want to follow and add them to your category. Then you can use IFTTT (If This Then That) and create a “recipe” to collect Feedly articles and forward them to a spreadsheet or your email inbox.

Another way is to set up Google Alerts to notify you of articles that contain certain keywords and phrases by email.

Sharing content ethically — This article from the Content Marketing Institute includes some best practices for sharing curated content.

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