Tips for Increasing Conversions

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Over the years Digital Marketer has performed several split tests to see which approaches resulted in higher conversions. Here’s a summary of some of their findings.

Fonts and Backgrounds

Fonts and Sizes – Sans serif fonts increase readability and conversions. Use a font like Arial (sans serif) instead of Times New Roman (serif).

Background Colors – Blue and brown backgrounds convert better. White and gray are good candidates as well.


Big Headers – Avoid these as they tend to decrease the readability of headlines. They distract from the message in the headline.

Headline Copy – “How to …”, “Are you looking to …”, “Secrets of …”, “XXX Ways to …”, “Special Offer …”, “Save XX% on …”, and “FREE” are all good converting headlines.

Order Forms

Trust Seals – Including trust seals can improve your order form conversions.

Product Images – Including a product image boosts conversions up to 22%.


Best time to send – Send your emails at 5:30 AM EST (4:30 CST — 2:30 PST)

Be Brief – Shorter emails get higher click-through rates.

Include an Image – Images can increase click-throughs by up to 120%.


The source article by Digital Marketer can be viewed here:


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